Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Dobs~!~Spud Pups

Dobs was not too happy with me snapping that flash at her family of 9 pups.   The white male is the foreground of this photo is not sold.  Also, there will be a black and white male. Wade Granberry gets one male. Wade, if you see this and have a preference in the black with white trim or the white pup, let us know and we will hold that one for you.
 The two chocolate males are sold.  I am posting the pictures so Beau Allen Can see them.  He will get his choice of the two and Coach Miller (basketball Coach at Lamar High School) is getting the other chocolate male.  Coach had a Feist for 17 years that passed this week.  He said when he saw the litter of pups on the Blog he felt it was an omen for him to get another Feist.  We sure hope this little Chocolate male can fill the void left by his old friend.

 The two black pups with white trim are females and the Floyds of LA get first pick of the three females.  The white pup below is the third female.  Her spots look more chocolate than black but it is hard to tell.

 Another two pictures of the females for Billy and Sandy to see!  They are all about the same size.

 One of the chocolate males is darker than the other one.  Also the one above is a little bigger, but they could change in size.  The biggest one often is not the same pup after a month.


Anonymous said...

I really do love the black one with the white head in the last picture.

I would love to have one


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