Saturday, July 06, 2013

Spike to Mississippi

Below is Dennis Goins and Mollie but today he came and got Spud's Spike.  Spike was the largest of the three males.  Dennis lost Moll--she was hit by a school bus.  All the Spud/Opal will be gone this weekend, but we will be keeping one--Spook's Image!  

Dobs had 9 puppies.  We think there were only 3 females and 6 males.   We are keeping a male and all the females will have owners.  Will post photos later, but there will probably be 3 males available if anyone is looking for a male Feist.   Our pups are $350.00.  We will ask for a $50.00 dep. if you want a male from the litter.  Several look like Spud, but two are chocolate and white.  All are beautiful.  

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