Friday, July 19, 2013

Dobs ~ Spud Pups

 We still have two male pups from the litter born July 3.  Our pups are $350 and we require a $50 deposit to hold a pup.  We wormed the 9 pups today and they are all doing great.  We put ice buckets in the kennel each day about noon and they huddle around it to stay cool.  Our pups are never on soil until they have a puppy shot.  All the serious viruses come from the earth and can live there for 50 years!  We keep our pups off the ground until they are weaned and we give them a puppy shot.  We believe pups need a immunization shot at 6, 9, 12 and 16 weeks.  At 16 weeks they need a 7 way shot.  Then each year the dogs need a booster.

We are not rich folks, but we feel if we are going to have Feists we must care for them.  We sure try to raise healthy Feists.  We have not named this litter.  Hard to come up with a theme with 9 of them to tag a name on.  Dobs is holding her own feeding this big bunch!  Their eyes are open and they are moving around some.

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