Monday, July 08, 2013

Dobs/Spud Pups

 We are keeping a male from the Dob/Spud litter born July 3.  We had 6 deposits for females, but the litter has only 3 females.  Two have been accepted--Billy Floyd and Beau Allen have said they want a female.  I am holding the third female until I can contact W. T. Vickory and Wade Baswell to see if they want the 3 rd female.  One of my deposits was from a Vietnam Vet who wanted two females.   When I called he had had a severe stroke!  We are praying for him, but he had to pass on his pups.

The pictures are from the last Dobs/Spud litter.  Two of these had a blue eye.   These pups I don't know the eye color yet as they are just less than a week old.  There is a white male with black spots.   Two chocolate males with white trim, and 3 colored like Spud.  We are keeping a male that is from the group that have black with white trim like Spud.   Spud is getting older and we sure hope to get a male turned just like him.  Spud is not timid but not aggressive.  He barks a lot on the tree.  He will go as far as he has too to find a  squirrel.  He has a beautiful conformation.  He is just an all around great dog!  Dobs has produced a bunch of great squirrel dogs.  Her sire is the Peanut dog that came from Peanut Beaty.  He was brindle and white and a great squirrel dog.

Steve Granberry has spoken for one of the males today.  If you want a male Feist, contact us.  479 890 8090.  The pups will be ready to go about Aug. 18th.  We will require a $50.00 deposit to hold a male from this litter!

We were just a little flabbergasted when we saw that Dobs had 9 pups July 3, 2013.

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