Thursday, July 11, 2013

Troy Vance and Grandson Landry

Here is Troy with his new Grandson, Landry Keaton.  Troy calls him L K.   Also, a snap shot of his peas.  My peas look bad as I am watering my melons and other stuff but not the peas.  Tonight we got a good rain so maybe they will grow.
Troy reminded us that Dobs had a litter of 9 pups once before.  She raised 8 of them!  Nothing I like better than topping ole Troy so I am sure praying that Dobs raises all 9 of these.  Dobs was born here on Galla Creek.  Troy owned her for quite a while.   Dobs throws great pups and Troy said he wanted us to own her again so we could get more of those great pups to homes!   Below is a picture of Dobs parents--Spook and Peanut.  

Thinking of naming this litter after baseball players.  I have to think of 3 names to fit females.  I think Babe Ruth would be one.  Hope someone will give me some names for the 9 pups--great baseball players!  I may not name them for baseball players but am considering it!  I always try name the litters after a theme.  Opals litter was named after things associated with track.   Once we named a litter after different types of sewing items--like Polyester, Linen, etc.  That litter turned out great.  They were out of Opal but I forget what male.

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