Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rutland's Hagar

Marc sent this picture of Hagar.  We love to hear from Marc because we can tell how he loves our little girl, Hagar. She was the runt and we did not dock her tail because we were afraid she would not make it. She is big now and that tail whips around when she trees.  She had a sister we call Ellie and Ellie's owner came tonight and bought a male Feist, E. Z. from our litter from Dobs and Spud.  E. Z. is black with white trim and he was the largest of the males of the litter.  We love to hear about our dogs and what they are doing.  Ellie's owner (Steve Granberry) said he just took Ellie for walks and she started treeing.  Given the opportunity--that is what our Feists need to be squirrel dogs--the opportunity in the woods!
Here is Marc's email:
I know it has been a while since I touched base but here is Hagar on her first warm up hunt this year. She treed this one in about five minutes. Btw I have truly been blessed with such an awesome dog. Best I have ever had.  Marc Rutland
E. Z. is asleep in the right corner of the basket!

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