Sunday, August 25, 2013

Piper's Progress

Below is an update on Piper (Feona) from Dan Alee!  She is doing great!  Read about her progress!
Hey, Piper is doing great. Very playful, very good appetite and rambunctious when up and around.

I told you she had picked up "here" very good and when you holler it she comes a running full blast even if she's laying in the living room sleeping. She is naturally setting when she gets to me so I believe when we start on "sit" she's going to grasp it quickly.

Well here is one I didn't expect this fast. Anytime we have a dog in the house I always hang a bell on the door and over time teach them to ring it when they want to go outside. Most of my past Labs pick it up in a couple weeks reliably.

Whenever I take Piper outside I always ring the bell and say "outside."

After two days of this and after getting up this morning and taking her out we came back in to start breakfast.

Well she rang the bell on her own and I thought it was a fluke but anytime that bell rings, the dog goes out no matter what so they pick up on it. Out I set her.

After coming back in and eating her meal this morning, about 5 minutes later she rang the bell again. I opened the door and she went right out and done her business.

She has rang the bell two more times since then this morning and each time I opened the door she went out on her own.

Now I know she isn't potty trained yet and that will take a number of months but after just two days of the bell, she seems like she's got it figured out already. That's pretty impressive and she really does seem like she's going to be a very smart girl.

May seem like we do a lot with her but in reality 99% of the time she spends just being a pup.

Labs are usually very smart and rank real high on the dog aptitude scale. Never researched Feist but I am betting she is going to finish off pretty reliable obedience by the age of 16 weeks or so like most of the Labs I've trained.

If you haven't figured it out, I've always loved obedience training, lol.


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