Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Chickens

Pups will be ready to go to their homes this weekend.  We have been getting some new chickens so we can enjoy a good breakfast when cool weather gets here!
Tonight we went to Knoxville, AR and came home with 4 Black Star hens.  They are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock.  They are sex linked chickens like the Cherry Eggers we bought last week.  So we have 9 new big good laying chickens.  We are going to try to get about a dozen new Banties before winter.  We have 10 Welsummer hens but they are not very good layers.

 One of the Cherry Egger pullets is laying and the eggs are a deep brown and medium sized like we prefer.  The Black Star lays a light brown egg.

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