Saturday, August 10, 2013

Giving Pups Meds

 We brought the pups inside to worm them.  The only good way to worm a pup is to weigh the pup and give a prescription wormer.  Sigrid came over and assisted.  She is a big help.  Nine pups are a big chore.  They will be ready to go next weekend.  All the males are not sold so we will have a few for awhile.  Usually on the first cool day, we get several calls for pups and I am sure this year will be the same.

We have two laundry baskets and after one pup is wormed we move that one to the other basket.  That way no pup is missed.  Sigrid kept them inside a while and played with them.  You can see she divided the pups into 2 groups one laid back and one active.  The laid back basket took their meds and went to sleep.  The other group of three pups wanted her undivided attention.  All are doing well.

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