Friday, August 02, 2013

Dob's Is Tiring Of Her Job

Dobs pups were 4 weeks Wednesday.  6 of them have homes and we think we will keep one.  Dobs is encouraging them to eat and they are eating.  They are all so pretty.  The 2 chocolate males have blue eyes and some of the black pups have at least one blue eye.  Beau Allen if you want I can take several photos of the two chocolate ones and let you choose from the pictures.   We are naming Beau's pup Barrister!  He can call him Barry!  Coach Miller named his pup Archer.  We named the litter after A B C's.  We started with A and went through the alphabet naming the nine pups.  Sigrid wanted to name them after singers but we did that once so these will be know at the Alphabet pups!

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Anonymous said...

They sure are pretty. Lee