Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We received a Christmas greeting from Rodney Fontaine and news of our little Tressie--out of Carolina Crossfire and Spud!  His email is below!

Mr. Larry,
My name is Rodney Fontaine. I bought a little feist from you a few years ago. Right after I bought her I became disabled and had to give up hunting all together. I sold Tressie to a man in Texas. He hunted her the first year he got her with his other dog. The second year he hunted her as the lead dog and killed over 100 squirrels over her. I got her treeing and won bench champion with her the first year I had her before she was a year old.
I was thinking about you and wanted to send you and your wife a Merry Christmas. 
God bless you. Owning that little girl was one of my favorite times. I have had one knee replaced and will be getting the other one next year.
Rodney Fontaine 
Proud Gala Creek Feist owner

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