Monday, January 28, 2013

Wayne The Ole Trapper

 Wayne Hawkins lives near Mineral Bluff, GA.  At one time he squirrel hunted a lot but he has not been able to much because of a severe back problem.   He has taken up trapping and sent some of the varmints he's secured.  Here is Wayne's take on the situation!

I been doing a little trapping and thought I would send you a few pictures of my catches.  I caught all these in the woods at my house.  I have been interested in trapping for years but never had time when I was working so now I'm giving it a whirl. Talked to a few old timers that trapped and they told me I was wasting my time I could not catch coyotes in leg hold traps they were to smart.  I talked to a feller that said he had been trying to catch one for two years and ain't caught one yet.  I caught 6 in one week once I got the hang of it and the right bait and lure.  Just a few that will not be eating fawns and baby turkeys.
 Also caught a few coons and opossums too and caught this one that only had one ear. Just your ordinary man can't catch a one eared opossum   HAHA

 One Eared 'Possum!

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