Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eli in Connecticut

 I would title this one--In A Hole!  Eli is trying to get Mr. Bushy Tail out of his hiding place.  Eli lives in Connecticut with Al Larson!  I went hunting this afternoon and treed several late in the evening.  The squirrels were not stirring 'til almost dark.  Here is Al's message that came with the pictures.  Thanks for sharing, Al!

Hi Larry and Betty,we are having another tough season finding squirrels here in CT, there just aren't any nuts.There is a den in the crotch of this tree and as you can see Eli(Max X Sandy) really wanted the squirrel.I normally discourage him from climbing but  aside from a daytime possum this was the only action of the day.We'll keep trying!Take care-Al Larson

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