Thursday, May 16, 2013


 This is Maggie out of Radio Flyer and Georgia!  Radio has passed on.  Georgia is out of Old Spook and Shooter!  Below is Shooter!  Josh wanted to see what he looked like!
Maggie came from Wayne Hawkins in GA.  We were excited today to get pictures and a video of this Galla Feist!  Thanks, Josh!  Here is his email to us:

Mr. Renfroe,
I recently found out about your website and just wanted to share a few pictures and a video of my squirrel dog. I got her from a man named Wayne Hawkins when she was a pup. Her name is Maggie and she is a treeing champ. I believe Wayne said she was McAndrews bred and her mother was Galla Creek Georgia and her father Radio Flyer. Currently she is living in Blue Ridge, GA, but will be moving to Augusta, GA here pretty soon (with me). She is a wonderful dog and I have enjoyed watching her grow and learn. I just wanted to thank you for helping to provide me with such a great dog. Attached are some photos of her and  below is a link to a video.

Thank you,
Josh O'Neal


Anonymous said...

She looks just like Georgia her mother. I intended to keep her for myself and let her go. Just shows what a idiot I am.
I'm glad Josh has her and she has a good home and gets to hunt and a house to boot.


Anonymous said...

I ment house dog

Anonymous said...

This coming squirrel season we'll have to get together and take her huntin. Hopefully, by then I'll have some pups to train too.