Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Garden Tour

 These are my Kentucky Wonder Pole beans. Going to put a panel fence down the middle and  am going to connect the runners to the fence.  You can see we will need to do this soon as the runners have started.  You can see our corn in the distace. We are going to fertilize it and use the hillers on the tractor to hill dirt to it this week.  You also can see the two rows of watermelons.  I do not think the cantaloupe is going to make it up.  My improved pinto seed was old and it is very sparse.  i may try a row of pumpkins.  I have never grown pumpkins.

 I thinned the okra this morning. I hated to pull them up and throw them down but you only need a plant about every foot.

 Top is Zucchini squash and below are my potatoes.

 My cabbage are a pretty as flowers.  I have cut two.  Betty made cole slaw tonight out of the one missing.

 Tatorman sent me replacements on my sweet potatoes and I think they are all alive.  This time he sent Georgia Jets.  I love sweet potatoes.

 Tomatoes and these peppers are called salsa peppers.  Don't know what they will be like.

 These are english peas and will be ready to pick soon.  We like them creamed well and also just raw. They are sweet and good.

This is straight neck squash.  Straight neck are not very hardy.  I planted 3 hills of crook neck today.  Ants killed 3 of my straight neck ones.

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