Monday, July 11, 2011

Pris, Madison, and Honest Abe

Scott Dees and his sons Zach and Cody Mack plus his daughter Logan came today to pick up three Galla Feists for his family and their friends. Jennifer Dees co piloted the trip. It was a joy to meet the Dees family. Can't wait to see how Pris, Honest Abe and Dolly Madison turn out. The Dees family promised pictures and we are holding them to their promise! Thanks to the Dees family from Galla Creek!

Three Galla Feists have gone south to 'Bama!
Cody Mack Dees picks his Feist pup. The female that looks like Opal is his! Her name is Madison!
Cody Mack's big brother Zach helps little brother hold Honest Abe. Abe is going to the Robert Clark family--they already have an awesome squirrel dog from Galla Creek--Hazel--out of Carolina Crossfire and Spud!

Zach is holding Madison and his sister Logan is holding, Pris. Pris is going to co-worker of Scott Dees, Patrick James.

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