Thursday, July 28, 2011


Tony sent an update and photos of Dan. Thanks, so much for sharing his progress with us. Dan is out of Lia and Parker's Ole Dan! The sire, Dan, goes back to Rowdy and other dogs from our Kennel. Lia is from Nell and Floyd.

Here's Tony's update:
Dear Larry and Betty,
Hi, I thought I would send you an update and pictures of Dan. I took him for his second shot last week. He weighed 6.2 pounds. He is really growing fast. He stays indoors so the extreme heat we have had lately has not stressed him. We do spent a lot of time outside when I am home. He goes out some in the morning, noon, then for quite a while in the evening. He really uses his nose and smells everything. The squirrels around the house are pretty wild so he has not got to chase any yet, but he has trailed them to the tree they climbed. He is getting much more adventurous lately exploring everything he can. He can bark on command and is a fast learner.
Tony Marshall

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