Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dutch Goes Home

The Ronnie Abels family came to take Dutch home today. Sean and Carla Abels took turns holding him which Dutch thought was great! Momma Abels was a little worried about the return 4 to 5 hour drive and the argument over whose turn it was to hold Dutch. Big Sister said she could solve the problem--she would hold him! I am sure Dutch wants to sit in a lap and not in a crate! One good thing about Galla Feists is most do not get car sick and love the ride!

Ronnie promised us pictures and we are sure hoping he does not forget. Ronnie owns Tiger that he got from my cousin, Rick and a Feist at goes back to my Kennel on one side. He also has a small yellow Cur pup which Carla claims as hers. I guess Sean will claim Dutch.

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