Monday, May 16, 2011

Puppy Love

These are Zeke and Siggie's pups. Aren't they gorgeous! Three boys and one girl! The black male is called Tat--because he looks like his Grandfather, Spud--Lil Tater! The white ones are Murphy, Cruz, and oh, I forget the other name, but they are named after the Rangers baseball team. Regina says they may sell some later, but they are not letting any of them go soon!


Clif said...

Ms. Betty -

The little girl is named Kenzi. The pups are 3 wks old and we have verbal committments on the 2 white males. It's not hard to sell a good stock of squirrel dogs that you and Mr. Larry have. In fact,I've already had offers on Zeke, but as you know, Gina and I buy dogs for their life.

Danny & Sarah Calvert in Alabama said...

They really are nice healthy looking pups. Hard to beat these feist dogs.