Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lia/Dan Pups

Above is Dan's mother--she is a granddaughter of Old Rowdy. Below is Lia--she is a granddaughter of Old Rowdy. Lia is the dog standing on the tree.
Dan and Lia pups now have no dew claws and tails have been shortened. I am going through my deposits and I think with my Opal Tie pups. I will have enough to fill the orders I have. If I have extra pups I will post it on the blog. Lia is out of Pretty Boy Floyd and Nogo Nell. Nell is a Sq. Champion and Floyd a Grand Sq. Champion. Dan is a grandson of Nell. Galla Creek Belle, Old Rowdy, Romeo. His Mother's mother is a Sq. Champion and a daughter of Rowdy. She is a red Feist (Pepper) and Bruce Blihovde still owns her. She has to be 10 or 11 years old. Pepper looked a lot like Galla Creek Belle, but was slimmer like Nell. Nell is a direct daughter of Rowdy. Galla Creek Belle is a granddaughter of old Rowdy. Floyd is a littermate to Bonnie Sue Parker and a full brother to Spud. Saying all this to say--there is some good blood in these 6 pups veins!

Victoria Scroggins is holding the litter of Dan and his brothers and sisters. He is the black and white pup on top of the bunch. Dan's ticking came as he grew up. He got his color from his mother, Pris!
Here are two of the Dan/Lia pups. The one that looks like Lia is a female.
The above photo is Dan with his brothers.
Here are three of the Dan/Lia pups. They are growing and doing well.

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Anonymous said...

Boy Dan sure turned into a real looker!