Sunday, May 08, 2011


I took this in 2006, when Opal was born. Radio is Opal's sire and Spook had a litter of four pups that time, 3 females and one male. I remember I named the male Diamond, and two of the females were Opal and Pearl. I can't recall what gem we named the third female after. Pearl died in LA, run over by a truck. I never heard from Diamond's new owner. And for the like of me, I can't recall where that 3rd female went. Opal will have pups in a week and a half. Lia is going to have a litter the same day. Opal's pups are by Tie and Lia's from Dan. I have a stack of deposits. Looks like both females will have a nice size litter. May 18 is the due date for both.


Sister--Three said...

I remember the third female was Crystal. She is also deceased.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to my pup!!! :)