Thursday, January 07, 2010

Red Freckles--Another Shooter Pup

Richard Womack sent a picture of Red Freckles and his son Rhett. Freckles is a year and half old. She is out of Shooter and Bruce Bhilhovde's Lucy. Lucy is out of Prissie and Dale and Pris is out of Pepper. Pepper and Dale are both out of Old Rowdy. Richard called saying he was having a problem with Freckles treeing and going on to look for another squirrel. I will tell you all what I told him. Lease the dog at the tree, shoot the squirrel, then your dog will probably stay at the tree. You can lease the dog at the tree every time they tree. Some folks do. It limits timbering but if you having problems with a dog being loose at the tree this is the technique I use. I always say in a stern voice "get on that tree". You would be surprised at how your dog will understand what you want. Feists are smart dogs, most of them are a lot smarter than their handler (well, if it's me).

By the way, Richard called back and said that Freckles was already staying at the tree. Dogs have quirks and good days and bad days just like we do. I think the reason a young Feist wants to go on and find another squirrel is they want to please the hunter. They have figured out you want them to tree squirrels and that is what they are trying to do. After they are leased at the tree and you shoot the squirrels. They figure out it is more than treeing also they want to find the squirrel so you can shoot it.
Here is Freckles when she lived on Galla Creek.


Anonymous said...

Looks like another good one!

Anonymous said...

nice looking pup