Monday, January 11, 2010

Galla Creek McCormick

This is Galla Creek McCormick. Of the 5 pups in the Dobs/Shooter litter I know about 4 of them. Case is doing great. Rev. Lebrand has Allis and she is treeing and hunting good. This week I heard of McCormick down in Texas. The black and white male of the litter--Moline--is no longer with us (I ran over him and still can hardly talk about it). I wish I would hear about Oliver, Len Ames has him in Texas. Three out of four is pretty good odds for this Dobs/Shooter litter. Here is what Dustin Pilcher had to say about McCormick. Thanks for the picture and email, Dustin--
This is Rudy (GallaCreek McCormick). He is doing very well. I really enjoy hunting with him. I have hunted him the last 3 days and we have killed a total of 17 squirrels. That number should be a little higher but you can blame that on the shooters. His record is treeing 8 squirrels in 2 hours. He got to sleep in the house last nite! I thought he deserved it and my wife is out of town. Thank you for selling me Rudy I have really enjoyed working with him and thanks for the tips the other day when i called you. Hopefully I have this email and internet figured out so I can send you some more pictures. Thanks Dustin and Micah Pilcher


Roger said...

This is a fine look'n young dog.

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