Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fleckles Figuring it Out

Rhett Womack and Red Freckles
Got another picture of Freckles--another pup out of Shooter and she showed out yesterday hunting with Richard and Rhett Womack of Arkadelphia. Richard said he is sending a deposit
for a spring pup. It is hard to own just one squirrel dog. Here is Richard's email.
Mr. Renfroe, check out this afternoon's hunt. Freckles treed 10 squirrels in two hours....killed 7, two in holes, and one got away! She REALLY showed out today. If she opens her mouth, 100% of the time there is a squirrel up the tree. I think we may have a bonified squirrel dog here:)
Thanks so much for the tips,
Richard and Rhett Womack

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Anonymous said...

like another go-gitter to me!!!