Monday, October 12, 2015

Mountain Feist Pups in Oklahoma for Sale

Ths Shamels in Oklahoma still have some pups.  The information is below this picture of Astrid and a litter of our pups about 10 years ago.  Astrid is driving now and I often forget how good she was with the pups.  We brought in the entire litter and she put them to sleep.  She was not school age yet.  She would hold each one and rock it and then lay it down and pick up another.  She still has a knack with puppies today.  I can't remember if the pink camera really took pictures or if she was just pretending to take photos.

Mrs. Renfroe
The brown and white puppy is a male feist.

Th black and white puppy is a female feist.

Dam is Mill Creek Zippo
Sire is Galla Creek Bubba

DATE OF BIRTH :  08-28-15


Gary Shamel
Thank you so much for your help .

I only sent 2 photos of puppies, we had a call today that probably wants the other puppy.
If he changes his mind, i will send you the photo.

Thank you again
Denita and Gary Shamel
 All the pups are sold!

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