Saturday, October 31, 2015

Letter From Jed

Got another message from Jed.  He went trick or treating dressed as a white ghost!  Here is what he said.
Jed here! I just went trick or treating with all the gang. All the girl dogs like to give me treats!
Thought you would enjoy this picture  of Jed. He has two kitten friends and three dog friends. He continues to keep yard, barn and pasture as a squirrel free zone and does have much patience for a raccoon family that likes to visit either.  Owner and friend--Barbara Bogomolov

Jed is Spud's brother.  I forget his age but Spud is 10 years old.  

Here is what he wrote last year.

Hello all my friends at Galla Creek. Things are fine here at Misty Valley in Pacific,  Missouri. I am healthy and busy defending the homestead from raccoon,  squirrel and fireworks toting invaders. (Ok, the kid with fireworks was a neighbor but I gave him a piece of my mind for frightening all the parrots.) These crazy people you sold me to so many years ago still have a bunch of parrots along with us dogs and the horse and ducks and (well, you get the picture. ) I am senior dog now which should mean I am in charge but since everyone is bigger than me except some of the parrots,  I have to assert myself to get attention. No problem, I am a feisty fellow! 
(with a little help from Barbara)

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Sister--Helen said...

AHHHH you sell your dogs to the best people!