Monday, April 27, 2015

Ragin' Riley

I am always uplifted when I hear of one of my Galla Feists and even more elated when the message has a picture.  This is one of my Feists who went to 'Bama!  The family calls her Riley and I always smile and think she is living the "life of rawleigh".  She gets to run loose on the family farm and starts her day treeing squirrels in the woods.  She has a great family with children and that makes a Feist's life more complete as Galla Feist love kids.

Riley has a little problem chasing cars but she was hit and in a cast when she was young and that broke that bad habit.  She is a "loving spoonful", indeed.  Here is the email that arrived with her photos and her tailgate of bushy tails!
So happy to see you are having more pups.  Hope ya'll are doing great!  We love our Riley!!! Spoiled rotten but loves to chase squirrels! First thing she does every morning, starts her stalk, creeping out of the garage to the edge of the woods looking and listening...hilarious! She'll be 4 in August. Best dog ever!!  Picture is our last hunt of the season.  Having a blast!  Best wishes.  

Thank you,
Drew Bardenwerper

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