Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wil Keen's Alamo

Rusty Keen sent this photo of a squirrel hunt with Galla Creek Alamo over Thanksgiving weekend.  The hunt was near Yokena, Mississippi (just south of Vicksburg).  
Wil was just a boy when he got Alamo from Galla Creek Kennels.  He is now grown and Allie is 6 years old.  Wil wanted to squirrel hunt and got Allie when she just 6 weeks old.  He trained and loved her.  Wil's Dad says Allie is part of the family.  Thanks, Rusty Keen, for letting us know about Allie.
Allie is shown below with Wil in the center and his friends, Nash and Huffman.
 Here is his email:

Good afternoon Larry!

Please notice the above picture of Galla Creek Alamo and my son Wil (center) and two of his friends from Mississippi State.  They came over to Winona last week and we had a nice morning hunt.  Allie (Alamo) is six years old and we have thoroughly enjoyed her being a part of our family.

Allie is out of Galla Creek Cork and Judge Roy Bean.

Merry Christmas to all of you,
Rusty Keen (Wil's Dad)   

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Donna said...

What a great name for a dog. Or a cat or a cow! Seriously, I am going to have to use that name at some point in my life.