Monday, December 22, 2014

Galla Creek Rooster--Crowing!

 Always love hearing about out Feists.  Here is Galla Creek Rooster who went to the Turner home near Eureka Springs, AR.  Rooster is a litter mate to Roxy.
 Below is a photo the day they picked up Rooster and the nice email from the Turner family yesterday.  Thanks so much, Brandy, for letting us hear of Rooster!  Thanks even more for loving him and making him part of your family!
  I just wanted to send you all a few pictures of Rooster with his squirrels from Saturday. Trenton sure does love is best friend and squirrel hunting buddy! He is such an amazing part of our family.  We are truly blessed with his presence every day! Thank you so much for such a sweet boy!!!
Randal and Brandy Hughes 

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