Monday, January 13, 2014

Roxy and Buster

Zack Kraft sent this little video and message about Roxy and Buster.  Zack said he got so excited after vine adventure and the squirrel diving out that he missed the kill.  Buster was right on and Roxy was excited to say the least.
Read Zack's play by play--
Had a lot of fun yesterday. They found a squirrel and treed right out of the dog box. The squirrel went in a nest about fifteen feet up. I shook a vine and the squirrel bailed out landing beside Roxy. She nipped his tail and he went up another tree, bailed out of it and sprinted to the hole in the video. A pile of vines and limbs saved his life as Roxy got hung up and still almost caught him before he made it to his den. Great experience for a young dog and made my day. I was so excited about her I didn't shoot like I should have and missed the squirrel. Zack

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