Monday, January 06, 2014

More Phillips Family Photos

Of Zeke and Siggie and their pups, who are now all grown up!  Zeke sure looks like his father Spud!!
 Here is Regina's email--

More Hunting Pictures! We still didn't see any squirrels. These are Zeke and Siggie's pups. The Black and White one is Tate (short for Spud's Little Tater Tot,lol) The white bigger one with red coller is Murphy,and the other white one is Cruz. As you can see they are very loved and very spoiled! Colton is sitting on the log with Tate taking a break and Caiden is sitting alone taking a break. A BIG wild sow with piglets got about ten ft from Tate and Murphy! Clif shot and they ran thank goodness! Don't want that momma getting hold of my dogs. We love our Mountain Feist!  Regina

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