Sunday, September 08, 2013

Dan Allee's Piper

Here is a photo of Piper with Sigrid.  Dan gave Sigrid a little present for taking such good care of Piper.  Sigrid used the money to buy a soap making kit and made her mother scented soap for her birthday.  Got an email from Dan that he had lost his older Feist and we are sad for the Allee family, but glad they have Piper to fill the void!

Here is Dan's email to us--sounds like Piper is progressing and doing great.

Hey just wanted to let know Piper is doing great. Very healthy, rambunctious and loves to bark and play.

Here, sit and of course the bell ringing is doing excellent. She is a very quick learner.

We are always teaching her to look up and she does that well.

Going to start playing outdoor games this next weekend.



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