Friday, February 01, 2013

Zoey and Zeke

 These two Galla Feist are Zoey and Zeke.  Heath Thomas of LA owns them.  He works off shore and is looking forward to getting to hunt after Feb. 8.  His last days at home were filled with rain.  Zoey is out of Dobs and Shooter.  She is the exact breeding as our Tie.  Zeke is from Patch and Tie.  Zeke and Zoey are a perfect match for breeding as they have same ancestors on both sides of their pedigree.
Here is Heath's email:

Here is a pic of my youngest girl holding Zeke. he is a very loving dog so thankful to have him and Zoey.  Here is a pic of Zoey. She is doing great she treed this squirrel beside the house. It rained almost everyday I was home from offshore last time. I come home February 8th and me Zoey and Zeke will have three weeks to chase them squirrels.  Hope all is well in Arkansas.
Heath Thomas

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