Friday, February 08, 2013

Galla Creek Romeo

Romeo is the grandfather of Rowda (Sugar) Catfish's mother. Rowda's sire is Dan, son of Nogo Nell and Romeo. Nell is out of Old Rowdy. Romeo is out of Bell whose sire is Fred (son of Old Rowdy). Pris is Catfish's grandmother (mother of Rowda. Pris is out of Dale (son of Old Rowdy and brother of Fred). Romeo's sire is Max--who is Spud's sire! Spud's mother is Spook. ;Spook's mother and Max' sire were brother and sister. Around and around the wheel turns--like on wheel of fortune. No matter where the wheel stops on the gene pool of Catfish; it will land on a squirrel dog! Pris' grandmother is Pepper--a daughter of Old Rowdy! Billy Floyd of LA is coming to pick Catfish up tomorrow!

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