Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lee Moore with MORE Squirrels!

Lee is doing great with all his Feists!! I am thoroughly impressed! Here is his email:
Renfroe's I hope this message finds yall all well and having fun. We are having lots of squirrel dog hunting fun down here and making some new friends while doing it. I am really enjoying my feist dogs and am proud to own each one. Scout looked good this weekend and I hope he continues to progress we even had a split tree between him and Sadie this evening. Scout I think has the potential to be a very good dog if he will make up his mind to do it because the ability and skill is there and I feel like he will as he is still young at only around 16 months or so. Sadie continues to do good and these pups are growing. Little Ann is very driven and stays in the woods with the big dogs most of the time I look for her to take off early and strong. Gauge is a little more layed back and also hasn't quite learned to maneuvere the woods quit as well but he is getting there and did fine on this hunt. Gauge looks like he is going to be a big dog. This is a picture of the evenings hunt between church services that me and Daddy went on here behind our house and we really enjoyed it. The dogs were working good and there were only a couple of slick trees.Hope yall enjoy and thanks for the dogs. Merry Christmas. Lee

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