Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dan Corners A Cat

Ole Dan treed a squirrel but Tony said he let it get away...well, then Dan cornered bigger game and Tony came through on that tree. Thanks, so much for the photos, Tony! Give Dan a pat on the head. He is not much over 6 months! Doing great!
Here is Tony's email:
Larry and Betty, Dan and I went hunting this morning for awhile. He treed hard on one squirrel. I saw the squirrel but it got in a hole before I could get to the tree. Later I saw Dan throw his head up and take off. I was watching up in trees the direction he headed then heard him tree and saw a bobcat climbing up to a high fork. Dan was barking hard on the tree. I head shot the cat with my .22. I saw no sense in a fight with him just 7 months old. He did jump on it growling and biting. I am more proud of him each hunt.
Take care,
Tony Marshall

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Anonymous said...

Looks like he is doing great!