Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Zipped, Tied and Buttoned!

I now have 5 zip lines. All 4 of my males are tied out on zip lines. They sort of follow the perimeter of my back meadow. Top is C. C., next photo is Tut, then Lia, Tie, and Spud. Lia will be coming in season soon and she will have to go into a heat pen. C. C. and Tut will have new homes when cool weather gets here. Tut is started and C. C. can do it all.


Anonymous said...

I really like the zip lines alot. You do have to watch out tho. Mine has broken twice about 8 inches up from the collar. Just need to keep an eye on the cable and make sure the collar doesn't rub all the hair off their neck. They get a lot of good exercise on one and I think they feel more free. I am fixing to put Rosco back on mine.


Sister--Three said...

We put all of ours so you can see them from the back porch.