Friday, September 30, 2011

Gilgal and Frankincense Sold!

Gillie, Frankie, and Boaz are going to new homes. With 8 pups all white with lemon, it is really had to put the dog to the right name. Frankie is the pup on top and the one Siggie is holding. She has eye shadow on, holds one ear a little different from the other, and has a patch of lemon on her back. Gillie has only two little dots of lemon on her back. She is in the second and third photo.

We are offering Eleazar, Abel, and Hagar for sale. I will show the pictures on here tomorrow evening. Abel has a circle around one eye. Hagar has a long tail. Elie is the largest of the girls. She is also the most shy, but she is coming out of that quickly with all the handling Siggie gives the pups.

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