Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Pete R. (has Piper and Grits) from over in TN shared some photos with us. Thanks so much, Pete. Looks like he is a Martin lover too! This tower Martin house set Pete back quite a few bucks. Siggie is growing some gourds and I hope I can make something like Pete has below. Here is part of his email:
Renfroes, hope you guys are doing well. I thought you might like to see some more blog pics from a different part of the country. Spring is definitely here,but very late this year.Usually get my martins about 3/17,and only had one pair this year on 04/01. Then the word got out and last Saturday picked up 25-30 overnight.I think they may be here to stay. Pete

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Grits2010 said...

SISTER THREE,I've had that Trio house for twenty five years now and have found that by closing off every other outside door and making each nesting compartment a double slot 6in x 12in the birds will have almost 100% occupancy and nesting success.I love to drink my coffee on the front porch and watch the show.We have been averaging approx 50 pair a year for the past ten years. Pete