Sunday, April 03, 2011

Feists Everywhere

Got this nice email from New York about the Blog and a picture of the family Feist.
Dear Mr. Renfroe,

I wanted to thank you for the extensive photo log you have of the Feist Breed of dogs. You have helped me identify what breed of dog we have.

I live in the Finger Lakes Region of New York and recently via, my family & I adopted a beautiful little rescue dog we named Jill. She came with a stack of paperwork. I looked at the most recent stuff on top & didn't get a chance to go through the older paperwork until today. The paperwork on top said that they thought her breed was Chihuahua-Terrier mix. Today I was going through the original paperwork from North Carolina, where she was first rescued and it said that her breed was Feist. Well, up here, I had never heard of a Feist. So a little research lead me to your wonderful site. She looks like many of the dogs shown in your photo gallery.

We had two Jack Russell's & in December lost our sweet, Ozzy, to a rare form of cancer, he was only 7. His best friend, Jack (who is a rough-coat Jack Russell) missed him terribly. We were 'just looking' when we came across Jill & her sister on Petfinder. We applied for adoption and after references, a vet check & a home visit (whew!!) we were approved.

She is just the most wonderful little breed of dog. She cracks us up with her antics & she keeps Jack on his toes. Although he's more than happy to have a new playmate. It's good to know her breed & what she was originally bred for so that we can be aware of what her 'natural instincts' are.

Again, thank you so much for your informative & wonderful website.

Sue Barnes

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