Saturday, June 27, 2015

Young Female Feist For Sale

 Sadie had two pups and I am keeping them.  One male and one female, but I am going to sell Sissie.  She is out of Spud and Opal.   Spook is her grandmother on both sides.  She is just turned two and is only what I would call a started Feist.  I am getting old and will not have many more Galla Feists for sale, but since I am keeping the two pups and am letting this one go.  I will be picky about who gets her.  She is registered NKC.  I sell 6 week old pups for $ to give you an idea...I will probably need twice that. call........479 890 8090. She is trained to a zip line, pen, and I have let her run loose.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Looking dog.