Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Birthday, Lady

 Belle's little grand puppy, Shinn's Lady To The Max, turned 12 this month.   She lives in Virginia with the David Shinn family.  She is special--not because of her cock ear, smooth bark on the tree, excellent nose, eyes like a hawk!  No none of those, Lady is special because she has the same big heart that her grandmother, Belle Starr had!

 Here is David's email to us!
Mr. and Mrs. Renfroe,

Hope all is well and you have been spared from all of this years storms, flooding, and tornadoes.

Attached are a few pictures we took of Lady today - celebrating her 12th birthday this year!!  

We are still in Virginia and the grays continue to get her undivided attention.  She is doing great - still learning tricks and playful as ever!

David Shinn

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