Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Galla Creek Cordoroy

 Cordoroy--oh, Boy!  Heard from Mark Gouger who owns Roy.  Good to hear and see him again.  Below is the email from Mark!
Betty & Larry,
Hope all is well, I just wanted to give you a long overdue update on Galla Creek Cordoroy "Roy". He won his 1st NKC hunt last weekend. He has a 2nd and now a 1st place finish, so he is just 25 points away from NKC Squirrel Champion. I can't start to tell you how much we have enjoyed hunting together. He is one smart dog and a great hunting partner.
Thanks again

 Above me and Mark with his buddies on the day he picked up Roy. Below Sigrid cradles Cordoroy!

 There were 8 pups in Roy's litter.  Top are the girls and 3 males below.  I recall one of the females went to Brad S.  The others' homes elude me today.  Getting older and more forgetful.

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