Saturday, July 19, 2014

Roxy Buster Pups

Roxy and Buster had four pups.  They are so sweet.  Zack Kraft owns both and he might have one or two for sale.  He is in northern Louisiana.  Buster is Cora's littemate.  Roxy is out of Spud and Ellingson's Belle Starr.  Two of the pups are spoken for but he might have one or perhaps two for sale.  You can search for Buster and Roxy on this Blog to see them. Both Roxy and Buster are great little Feists and squirrel dogs.  Price--$350.00 can call Zack at
Zack said all the pups are sold.  Sorry you missed this litter maybe next year Buster and Roxy will try it again!

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