Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Gardening Today

 We worked all day in the garden.  Putting what we have planted because sometimes we forget what is in each row.
Tomatoes and Peppers in first two rows where you see the black.
Then two rows of Candy Corn.
Then  two rows of Clemson Spinless Okra.
Then a row of Squash and cucumbers.
Then two rows of improved Pintos.
Then a row of Kentucky Wonder Pole beans.
Then one row of Potatoes.
Row of onions and cabbage.
Row of green peas.
 Planted 4 rows of G 90 corn in the back garden.
 Too pooped to set out these and will do it tomorrow.  Bought Bell Pepper.  Green Chili peppers and
Salsa peppers.  We got Rutgers, Early Girl, Big Beef, and I forget what else in the tomatoes.  No cherry tomatoes as I got too tired picking them.

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