Friday, April 11, 2014

He Has Risen

 I went to the Choctaw Nation and bought a Cub a couple of weeks back.  The owner was the nephew of J. C. Potter.  Someone wanted it up at Parthenon, Ar.  Well, last summer I had tried to buy this 53 model from an 84 year old gentleman who lives in the Cherokee Nation. I went to get it a week ago today.  The Cub had not run since 2001 so buying it was a gamble.  Today I worked on it in the shade of the shop.  Got it running in only a day.  I set the points and bought a coil.  But right away I noticed it had zero oil pressure.  If I had let it run long, it would have ruined the motor.  There was a vacuum in the oil pump.
I rigged a tube with a syringe attached.  I poured oil into the tube. The oil went into the pump.  I had drained and replaced the oil and the oil near the filter was thick.  Well, it only took  an hour or so and it going and you can see the oil pressure gauge is off zero!  In the first video, you can see the tractor turn over and the tube bubble.  I was really happy as it was pumping the oil!    After those 13 years of sitting, it still sounds good.  The gentleman had moved to OK from Kentucky (I think it was used to work tobacco) and brought the tractor, but after he unloaded it in OK it never started again.  I was lucky that the guy did not get it going because it would have ruined the motor since it was not moving the oil!
This video shows the rigged up tube to put the oil in!

Here is the 53 Cub clicking!

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Anonymous said...

I knew you would get it going, Never a doubt in my mind.