Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Give A Dog A Bone

 You have heard that phrase "give a dog a bone"?  Well, you don't have to do that with a Feist.  Sissie drug up this deer bone today.  It was covered with dirt so I guess someone had buried their deer left overs.  Sissie sniffed it out and now she has brought it home.  Sissie is an example of the old Mountain Feists of the Ozarks.  They were smaller than the Feists most folks have today.  They were slender in build and had great noses!  I raised a full sister of Sissie and trained her in the past.  She was a lot bigger than Sis.  I like the size of Sissie and I like that she is "into" something all the time.  Now, she is trying to keep all the birds out of the trees in the yard.  The Martins are coming and she will be busy.  The Martins just ignore the dogs. Guess they know they can not climb that pole.

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