Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tie--A Good Connection

This is my Tie!  He is the tie between the present and past is the way I think about him.  His paper name is Oliver.  I sold him to a nice guy down in Texas, Len Ames, when he was a pup.  Then Len offered him back to me....and all these years later Tie is still making his home with us.  Len was having some family trouble when he offered Tie back to me.  I heard from Len today and he said I could share his email.  At first, I thought maybe I should not, but then I decided it might bring hope to someone who is down, someone who is going through a troubled time.  I will say like I said to Len--"have hope, hang tight to those you love, pray for the Lord's help and a better day will come".
Here is Len's email and yes, it did make me feel good today!
Hello Larry,
   At one time I bought a puppy from you, my son Nate and I called him Ollie and we both have fond memories of him. I believe he is the dog you call Tie.
   When my wife and I separated we met in Jefferson, Texas and Ollie went back to Galla Creek with you. We visited for a few minutes and while we talked you told me to never give up on my family. You related that you had gone through some hard times yourself and that I should not lose hope.  My wife and I were divorced and I endured some truly dark days.  That was 2010.
  Almost a year ago, Layla and I were remarried to each other.  My family is whole and I have never been happier.
  I'm writing to say thank you. You took time to offer comfort, hope and words of encouragement to me. Your kindness and sharing of your experience is something that helped me through difficult times. I've been thinking about those times lately because of the winter Olympics. They were going on when things were bad and the difference between watching them then and now is startling.      Those thoughts reminded me of the people who were there for me and although it was surely a small thing for you, it meant a great deal to me.
  You are a good and honorable man sir, and I just wanted to share my gratitude with you. I think we don't always realize the impact we have on others and I wanted to be sure you knew the impact you had on me.  You reminded me to hope when there was no hope, and that hope has been fulfilled.
   Thank you so much.
       Len Ames

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed hearing this and happy for that family. It encouraged me as well. Glad you were willing to share those words of encouragement and can now realize what it meant to others, Lee