Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Spud Put His Mark On Litter

 All the pups look like ol' Spud.  Photo with 3 pups are boys and one with 2 pups are the girls.  They are all very similar.  If one of the new owners of the males, wants to pick from a photo we can do that.  Dennis G. gets first pick, Rob Kendrick second and Jerry Dean gets the third male.  We get pick of the two females and Brian Spain gets the other little girl.

We are naming the pups after track events.  Our Astrid participated in track this year.  We loved the distance running.  Astrid ran the mile, the 800, the 4 by 800 relay!  She won mile run contest in the district meet running against older girls!  So we are naming our little girl, Amazin' Marathon--Astrid wants to run one someday!  The other female is Darlin' Dash!  The males are Spud's Spike, Bold Baton, and Sure Shot!

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Anonymous said...

Good looking pups!