Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Zippo is out of Jack and Zipper!  We are glad to see her picture and also overjoyed that she is loved by her family.
 Here is the email from the Shamel's!
This  email is from Denita Shamel, Gary's wife.  Gary took these photos today with Zippo treeing a squirrel. We love her!  She is very smart and I think she knows it.  She is my bed partner but when Gary says are you ready to go squirrel hunting, she's ready.  She is a big part of our family.  We will keep you posted.  Thank you for bringing her in our life.
She is one of a kind and wouldn't take anything for her.
Denita and Gary Shamel

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Anonymous said...

Boy she sure looks like her mother....S. Vance